We are pleased to introduce a Scootathlon at Brighton Run2Music 2020! 
B&H Scootathlon 2019-78.jpg
B&H Scootathlon 2019-94.jpg
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B&H Scootathlon 2019-28.jpg
B&H Scootathlon 2019-32.jpg
B&H Scootathlon 2019-118.jpg
We can't wait to organise a Scootathlon at Brighton Run2Music 2020. For the past few years the Scootathlon has been so successful at Brighton and Hove Triathlon we would love to see children enjoying this event twice a year.
The Scoot, Bike, Run Scootathlon is aimed at children 3-8 years and these are the distances: 

3yrs - 100m scoot / 100m bike / 100m run

4yrs - 200m scoot / 200m bike / 200m run

5-8yrs - 300m scoot / 300m bike / 300m run


Sign up for the 5k, 10k or half marathon and get your children involved in the Scootathlon!